Smart RO Features

Pre-Sediment Polypropylene Filter

The sediment pre-filter system removes solid impurities like sand, dirt etc. in the supplied water down to 5 micron in size.

Carbon Filter

The filter removes Colour, Odour, Free Chlorine and absorbs insecticides & pesticides.

Sediment Filter

A sediment filter removes small contaminants and remaining particles from water that impede the performance of your water filtration systems.

UF Membrane

UF is an Ultra Filtration system that removes bacteria and viruses. It also removes dispersed material and suspended solids.

RO Membrane

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration system forces water across a semi-permeable membrane, leaving contaminants behind that are flushed down the drain.

Low Water Wastage

In conventional RO Technology, only 30% of water is purified and about 70% is wasted. Natraj Smart RO Advanced Tasteguard Technology employs a smart process that recovers more water.

TDS Control with Indicator

The New Smart RO senses the quality of water and chooses the optimum advanced Tasteguard purification technology to purify water.

Natraj Smart TDS Control for the Quality You Need

• Suitable for any type of water supply like Bore Well, Municipal or Tanker water

• Product water quality can be set by user (Accuracy of set TDS: +/- 10 ppm)

• TDS of purified is water is displayed on front panel

• Indicator for storage tank, full & low pressure, on front panel

• Automatic or Manual option to select purification process i.e. RO and UF

All of your wishes Fulfilled

• Get desired TDS level

• Save water

• Ideal for High TDS water

3 Risks Of High TDS Level (>500mg/L)

Makes water hard & unpalatable

Causes kidney problems

Hardens & blocks arteries

3 Risks Of Low TDS Level (>500mg/L)

Low calcium & magnesium

Can cause tooth problems

May cause deficiency diseases

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